30 June 2022

SSR or Super Skin Rejuvenation is our latest technology providing our customers with a deeper more effective treatment with less chance of trauma to the skin. Other IPL or Laser machines often caused bruising or skin striping which could then lead to skin pigment problems.

SSR is a much more gentle approach as we can target the deeper dermal layers delivering heat with a gradual thermal rise rather than a strong pulse of energy like IPL.

SSR delivers the heat faster so less chance of burning or pain. This means no downtime, allowing the client to go about normal duties post-treatment. 

SSR is an effective treatment for treating body and facial wrinkles using this low energy build up which makes this a pain free treatment and can be included with other therapeutic treatments. Treatments are done every 4 weeks and to see the best results we recommend a series of 3-6 treatments and this will help slow down the ageing process and thicken the thinning dermal layer.

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