30 June 2022

Those two hairy lines above your eyes which separate your forehead from your hairline have a lot to answer for: Whether they are thick, thin, wild or fair, eyebrows are the feature which frame your face. 


Drawing attention to your eyes and with the power to enhance your bone structure, paying the right attention to these bad boys is an easy way to do the work of makeup - without actually using any makeup. 


Freshly “done” brows give you an equally as fresh aesthetic, making you look put together on a makeup-free day and adding even more firepower to your arsenal when you do dip into the makeup bag.


Before you delve into tints, waxes, threading, IPL, henna, feathering and the rest of it, the most important thing you need to do is: Work out the right brow shape for you. 


While you might admire the dark, dramatic ‘brows of a Kardashian - it might not be the best option for you personally. 


Big brows have become a big thing in recent years, and with so many different options and information out there it can be hard to choose and know which advice to trust.


So, we want to tell you exactly how to find the best arch for your arches and the right thickness for your visage.


Just call us your fairy browmothers.


Heart shaped face


Defined by: Cheeks wider than hairline, narrow and pointed chin and a widow’s peak.

Best brow shape: Rounded or low-arched brow where the curve of the brow creates a heart look to flow with your face.


Square shaped face


Defined by: The width of hairline and jawline being even, and a long and wide face. 

Best brow shape: A softer brow to compliment your sharp, defined angles. For example shapes which make your brows appear more rounded.


Rectangular face shape


Defined by: The width of your hairline and jawline are even and the face is longer than it is wide.

Best brow shape: A flat eyebrow shape will create the illusion of a longer face, and a slight curve will add some roundness.


Round face shape


Defined by: No major points or angles with a rounded jaw and chin, and your face is equally long and wide.

Best brow shape: A sharp brow will add contrast, so think arches with give a lift and add definition.


Oval face shape


Defined by: Looks sort of like an upside down egg with length about 1.5 times longer than width

Best brow shape: A soft yet angled brow is best for oval faces.


Diamond face shape


Defined by: Hairline is narrow than cheeks, chin is slightly pointed.

Best brow shape: A curved or rounded shape will narrow the face, adding a nice balance.


Long face shape


Defined by: The face being about twice as long as it is wide

Best brow shape: Consider a brow with a long tail or a straight brow, both will make the face appear shorter.


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