30 June 2022

When it comes to hair removal, both shaving and waxing each come with a list of good reasons why and why not to choose them. We’ve weighed up the good and bad and come up with a definitive answer about which is better.



What’s good about shaving:

  • Instant silky smooth skin. 10 points
  • You can shave almost anywhere, anytime. 10 points
  • Fast! 10 points
  • Not as rough on your skin as waxing – is it? Or is waxing a great way to get a bit of exfoliation done at the same time? 3 points
  • Perfect for legs and underarms – what about bikini line? 4 points
  • It can be more cost effective if you’re buying cheap razors. Some of the fancy ones in the supermarket with changeable blades can actually be quite pricey. 1 point


What’s not so good:

  • Can be painful if you cut yourself -5 points
  • Hair grows back quickly -10 points
  • Hair grows back coarse and dark -10 points
  • Not good for sensitive areas like bikini line -4 points


Total score: 9



What’s good about waxing:

  • The hair is fully removed at the root. 10 points
  • Hair grows back reasonably soft and fine (compared to shaving). 10 points
  • You remain relatively hair free for much longer. 8 points
  • Because it’s suitable anywhere on the body or face so you can get all your waxing done in one place at one time. 7 points
  • Hair can appear to grow softer and finer over time, the more you wax. Be aware this doesn’t happen for everyone but some long time waxers will tell you they’ve noticed less grows back over time. 7 points 
  • Although it’s always best to exfoliate the night before your appointment so the wax isn’t wasted on dead skin cells when it could be gripping the hair, if you forget to do that waxing gives you a bonus exfoliation making your skin even smoother. 5 points
  • Waxing doesn’t have to be expensive. At the supermarket a Gillette Venus Embrace women’s shaver is $16.99. Now while that’s good for a few shaves, a half leg wax at Dash Face and Body is only $17 and that will last up to 6 weeks. Will the razor last that long? 6 points


What’s not so good:

  • Depending on where you go your waxing might have to be scheduled, so it can’t just happen anytime. But, because at Dash Face & Body waxing it’s one of our Everyday Treatments you can come in anytime that suits you making this not such a downside. -1 point 
  • In saying that though, you do have to wait for hair to grow back so there can be a week before your appointment where you feel a little hairier than normal. But it’s a small price to pay for having weeks of great results. -4 points
  • Waxing is painful but if you read our blog on getting the most out of your wax where you’ll find a couple of tips on reducing pain -3 points
  • Higher chance of painful ingrown hairs. -3 points


Total score: 37


Waxing wins with a whopping 37 points to 9 for shaving!

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