20 July 2018

Brighten up the grim, grey days of winter by making yourself look and feel fantastic. We’ve put together our 5 favourite beauty treatments that couldn’t be better at this time of year.


SHR laser hair removal

Winter is a great time to get a course of treatment underway because we cannot treat you if you’ve had sun exposure within two weeks of your appointment. You also need to allow time for your skin to recover, which means staying out of the sun for a bit; a minimum of 48 hours is recommended but ongoing sun protection in between treatments is also a must.


Skin rejuvenation

Getting a facial peel or microdermabrasion treatment in summer means you have to be super careful about avoiding the sun. The beautiful, brand new skin revealed by these processes is just way too sensitive to be out in the sun, making winter the perfect time to get a gorgeous new glow.


Deep hydrating facial

We all know how dehydrated the skin can get during a hot summer. But winter can do the same thing. With low humidity levels outside the air is cold and dry meaning the water in your skin evaporates more quickly. Restore it with a lush treatment like our La Clinica facials. The Marine Radiance treatment hydrates and softens your skin, as well as helping to create a protective barrier to environmental stressors.


Hot stone massage

Good for both body and mind, a hot stone massage is extremely relaxing. The hot stones work to make your muscles more relaxed for a better, deeper massage. They also help improve circulation which helps ease up muscles so more oxygen gets to them, in turn helping to ease aches and pains. But mainly, it’s just nice to be warm in winter!


Spray tanning

Just because there are fewer sunshine hours in winter doesn’t mean you have to look like a ghost. A lovely spray tan will give you a nice healthy glow. One thing to know though, if you want to go with our suggestion of starting laser in winter, skip the spray tan as the treatment will sizzle the product’s pigment and make your treatment less effective.


And here’s a bonus winter beauty tip…


Regular waxing

Don’t skip a few treatments because it’s not swimsuit season or you can just hide hairy legs under tights and pants. Long time waxers will tell you that the more you wax, the longer it takes for hair to regrow. Keep up your waxing routine over winter for better long term results.


Like the sound of being glowing and gorgeous by the time spring rolls around? Check out our specialty treatments and book a consultation. For everyday treatments like waxing and tinting, just come in whenever suits you.

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